Wired 3.5MM Headphones Earphones, Ghostek® Turbine White Series Wired Earbuds | Built-In Microphone


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Wired 3.5MM Headphones Earphones, Ghostek® Turbine Series Wired In-Ear Earbuds Stereo Headset | HD Sound | Built-In Microphone & Controls | Hands-Free | iPhone, Galaxy, iPad, iPod, Tablet (Black)

  • Ghostek® Turbine earbuds have a 3.5mm headphone jack that fits all major brands of phones.
  • Have a built-in microphone for smooth communication with fellow agents.
  • With an in-line remote control, your device never has to see the outside of your pocket.
  • Have dedicated MFI music buttons, so you never have to worry about anyone seeing your Backstreet Boys album pop up
  • As you are unique, so are your Ghostek® Turbine Earbuds. Constructed with a ceramic-made material they are different than everything else on the market.


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