FIDPRO Fidget Cube, Increased Focus & Attention and Stress & Anxiety Relief [SKULL]



FIDPRO Fidget Cube, Silent Dice Toy - Click, Flip, Glide, Spin, Rub & Roll, Ultimate Hexagon with Quiet Clicker for Increased Focus & Attention and Stress & Anxiety Relief [SKULL]
  • ★FIDPRO FIDGET CUBE: 6-sided Desk Toy that will keep your restless fingers busy. Designed for people who just can't keep their fingers still. With its SMALL & COMPACT size, the FidPro allows for discreet and quiet fidgeting without annoying your classmates & co-workers.
  • ★MULTIPLE FIDGET OPTIONS: The FidPro Cube has been designed to satisfy every fidget urge, not matter if you are a clicker, flicker, spinner or glider. With the FidPro you are good to "rub & roll".
  • ★COMBAT STRESS & ANXIETY: Get rid off destructive coping mechanisms such as scratching and nail & lip biting. Inspired by the ancient Native American concept of a 'Worry Stone', one side of your FidPro Cube contains a thumb-sized indentation. Simply move your thumb back and forth across the smooth surface and watch your stress & anxiety evaporate into thin air.
  • ★INCREASE FOCUS & PRODUCTIVITY: Study after study has shown that fidgeting can increase your ability to concentrate and think creatively. Great for Adults and children who suffer from ADHD or other attention deficit disorders.
  • ★LIFETIME EXCHANGE WARRANTY: Should you not be entirely satisfied with your FidPro Cube simply contact us for a hassle-free return with no questions asked | CAUTION: Side effects might include sudden ability to cope with boring meetings, dull lectures or long queues at the post office.

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