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Samsung are one of the top makers of Android phones and smart devices, and we’ve got plenty of Samsung cases to accommodate them. Whichever Samsung device you own, you can bet we’ve got Samsung cases to keep it safe. We stock a huge range of Samsung cases to protect your phone from damage, whatever you’re planning to do. If you’re looking for an everyday drop proof case you can take to the office, we’ve got you totally covered. Or if you’re searching for the rugged phone case you need to accompany you on all your adventures, we’ve got something for you, too. Read on to find out the different types of protection we can offer your phone with our Samsung cases, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you pick the case that’s right for you.

All of our Samsung cases are drop and shock proof. This is because most people purchase Samsung cases to protect their phone from accidental drops. It’s very easy to drop a phone and only takes a split second. We’re here to make sure that split second isn’t a very expensive one. With any of our Samsung cases, crisis can be averted. Here are some of the amazing drop proof features you can expect to find in our different shockproof Samsung cases:

  • TPU layers - TPU is a very useful material when you’re thinking about shockproofing your phone. It’s top drop proof quality is its shock absorbency. If you accidentally drop your phone, the main problem is the sharp impact with the ground. The shock and force of this impact is what ends up smashing screens and breaking phones. TPU is excellent at averting disaster because it absorbs shocks, rather than passing them onto your phone.
  • Raised bevels - Most dropproof Samsung cases will feature raised bevels, a part of the case that extends beyond the front screen to ensure your display doesn’t smash directly against the ground.
  • Air cushioned corners - This is a rarer feature on Samsung cases, but one of our favorites. Your corners are vulnerable, but an air cushion inside the case offers extra protection.
  • Bumpers - A strong, thick bumper will go a long way to helping your Samsung resist shocks. It’s the first thing that makes impact with the ground in the case of a drop, so the stronger and thicker the better. Some people prefer aluminum alloy bumpers, while others like TPU or polycarbonate.
  • Multiple layers - Some cases have multiple layers, made out of metal, polycarbonate, TPU or other materials. Generally speaking, the more layers the better.

As you can see, all our Samsung cases offer great levels of drop protection. But we have Samsung cases with other protections, too. If you want a waterproof case for watersports, splashing by the pool, or protecting your phone from accidental spills, you’re in luck. We stock Samsung cases with waterproof capabilities, as well as Samsung cases that are snow proof and ice proof. Let’s take a moment to check out how waterproofing works, and why waterproof Samsung cases are necessary. Some Samsung phones are water resistant, while others are rated waterproof. What’s the difference between water resistance and waterproofing? Well, a water resistant phone is not as good at blocking out water as a waterproof one. Water resistant phones can handle splashes and some rain, but we wouldn’t recommend submerging them. Waterproof phones should handle submersion, but we’d still always recommend to look into getting Samsung cases for an extra level of protection. Sometimes audio has been known to be permanently damaged after a phone has been dunked underwater, and we don’t want that to happen to you. So we advise you look at our waterproof Samsung cases if you’re planning any underwater antics. Because of the water-tight protection offered, your Samsung will also be protected against snow and ice.

Not only that, we offer Samsung cases that are dirt proof, dust proof and mud proof. So whatever adventures you’re planning, you can be safe in the knowledge that your Samsung device is totally safe. Most Samsung cases are labeled with their protective capabilities, but some might not be quite clear. Use this as a guide: if a case is waterproof, it is also dirt, dust, mud, sand, ice, snow and lint proof. Because of the no-gaps-left construction, nothing will be able to penetrate. But if you’re looking at non-waterproof Samsung cases, you might find it difficult to know what other protections are on offer, other than drop proofing. As a rule of thumb, most Samsung cases are good at keeping lint out of your phone. Some cases are also dirt and dustproof, but you should check the product description to make sure. Generally only waterproof Samsung cases are mudproof, so if you’re hitting the sportsfield or are setting off for the dirt track, we’d recommend waterproof Samsung cases only.

So, have you thought about what kind of protections you want? Super charged drop proofing? Some waterproofing, but not really fussed about the rest? Or maybe you want a phone case that can do it all, keeping your Samsung safe from some serious punishment. Whichever applies to you, take the time to browse through our wide range of Samsung cases to check out what we have on offer for you. We’ve made it easy to find out which one is right for you by including all the protection details in the case descriptions. That way you can easily work out how much protection you’re getting with each case. Which of our Samsung cases will you get next?