LG cases

LG cases are a must have for all LG owners, whether you have a G3, a V20, or anything in between. Whatever the model, your phone is important to you and deserves to be protected. To help you keep your LG safe, we offer LG cases with awesome protective features. Are you looking for waterproofing? Or maybe for excellent drop protection? Planning to take your LG on some serious adventures this year? Whatever you’re looking for, we have LG cases to suit your plans.

The most common way phones get broken is by dropping them against hard surfaces. This cracks the screen, but it can also cause total device failure. In fact, having a cracked screen is often one of the main causes of total death to your LG. Which, of course, totally sucks. Not only do you have to pay out for the repair, you have to wait for it, and have the added inconvenience of the whole thing. Or even worse, you have to pay out all over again for a new phone. No one wants that. And no matter how careful we are, sometimes accidents happen. That’s why we’ve made all our LG cases drop proof and shock proof. With features such as thick bumpers, raised bevels, screen guards, metal frames and absorbent layers, all of our LG cases are especially designed to keep your phone safe even if you drop it.

If you’re on the hunt for heavy duty shock proofing, keep a look out for:

  • Heavy duty screen guards - some screen protectors have more thickness and power to protect your screen than others
  • Absorbent inner layers of TPU - this absorbent material, popular in LG cases, prevents the vibrations that result from a drop doing permanent damage to your phone, instead absorbing the shock within its own material
  • Thick bumpers - a bumper is one of the most crucial parts of drop proof LG cases. This is the part around the outside of your phone that covers your corners and all the outside edges. Metal or TPU are strong options, as well as polycarbonate. The wider and thicker the bumper, the more strongly it will repel shocks.

That’s enough to keep most LG owners happy. But if you’re looking for even more protection in your LG cases, you’re in luck. Some of our LG cases are waterproof. Water can do as much damage to your phone as a drop, and we want to keep your protected. Snap on one of our waterproof LG cases to begin your underwater adventures. When you’re looking for waterproof cases, you’ll want to look at how deep the case can go. Most LG cases will protect your LG phone up to between 3ft and 7ft deep, but it can vary from case to case. If you can’t find any specific depths, you’ll want to look for an IP or IPX rating. IP68 or IPX8 is the highest waterproofing level a device can get, and it means that you can take your phone more than 1m or 3.3ft deep, for more than 10 minutes, though it doesn’t specify for exactly how long. An IP67 or IPX7 rating means the LG case you’re looking at is still waterproof, but only up to 3.3ft or 1m deep, for up to 10 minutes. IPX6 or lower means the case is only water resistant, not waterproof. We wouldn’t recommend buying water resistant LG cases, unless you’re only looking for your case to withstand rain and some small spills. They won’t have the air-tight protection that true waterproof LG cases will, so you wouldn’t have the absolute peace of mind you would with a waterproof case. Remember, though, always to test a waterproof case. Put a piece of tissue paper inside the case, instead of your LG. Submerge the case in water for 10 minutes, then check the tissue paper. Is it damp? Try again with a new piece of tissue paper, then call the manufacturer. Is it dry? Great, your phone will be safe inside, as long as you follow the proper installation procedure.

If you’re not a big fan of the water, but still need more protection, we’ve also got you covered. Some of our LG cases are dust proof, dirt proof, snow proof, ice proof, mud proof and sand proof. To get true mud proofing, snow proofing or iceproofing, you’ll have to purchase one of our waterproof LG cases. These are the only cases with enough protection to be sure to keep these forces of nature out of your phone.

But protection isn’t the only consideration when you’re looking at LG cases. We have to be honest - some cases out there look terrible. Big, boxy, bulky and unrefined, they take all the style away from your phone in the name of protection. But we don’t think you should have to compromise. Why can’t you have both protection and good looks? That’s why we’ve designed all our LG cases with great aesthetics as well as top end protective capabilities. We know that some LG owners are really happy with the way their phone looks, and wish they could get away without having a case, but need one for protection. You’re in luck, because we stock plenty of clear LG cases with transparent backs, that still offer great protection. So you’ll still be able to see your LG, only have it protected, too. If you don’t really mind about seeing your LG, we also have a huge range of LG cases with different color options and styles. You can browse through and see which catches your eye.

In terms of price, we have LG cases from under $20, and going up to more premium models. Browse through our wide range of LG cases now to find out which one will suit you, your budget, your style and your LG phone the best.