iPhone 7 Plus



Here at Punkcase.com we have a wide range of iPhone 7 Plus cases. Of course the main reason for getting a case for your iPhone 7 Plus is protection. That’s why we stock a massive range of iPhone 7 Plus cases with awesome protective features to keep your iPhone 7 Plus safe. On this page, we’ll cover in more detail the protections our iPhone 7 Plus cases can give your iPhone.

The iPhone 7 Plus is probably one of the most advanced pieces of technology out there right now that is widely used. But if you’re a 7 Plus owner, you’ll know that belonging to a part of this exclusive group does not come cheap. The 7 Plus has a high price tag, and for good reason - you’re getting the most advanced functionality a phone can offer. But when you’ve shelled out a lot of money to invest in this kind of technology, it only makes sense that you purchase iPhone 7 Plus cases to ensure your investment stays protected.

All of our iPhone 7 Plus cases feature drop protection and shock protection. Certain protective features are built into the iPhone 7 Plus cases we stock here, to make sure that when you drop your phone, the case takes the hit so your iPhone doesn’t have to. These features might include bumpers and metal frames, or absorbent TPU layers. Most of our iPhone 7 Plus cases come with in-built or included screen guards, and some are made from tempered glass. Raised bevels are also frequently featured, further protecting your delicate display. These features all work together in our iPhone 7 Plus cases, to ensure that your phone doesn’t give up after a heavy drop. Tiled floors, concrete floors, sidewalks and other hard surfaces can be fatal to your iPhone 7 Plus, if you don’t have a case. You might get away with a cracked screen that can be fixed, but even that’s annoying, what with the time you will have to be away from your phone while it’s repaired, and the cost. The worst case scenario is that your 7 Plus dies completely and you’ll need to buy a replacement. Since many of the iPhone 7 Plus cases we have here are under $50, it seems counterintuitive not to buy one. After all, your next iPhone 7 case could be the difference between an iPhone 7 Plus that lasts for just a month, or one that lasts as long as you need it. You can see by the amount of drop proof and shockproof features we include in our iPhone 7 Plus cases, that keeping your iPhone 7 Plus safe from drops is very important to us.

But the protection our iPhone 7 Plus cases can offer goes well beyond simple drop proofing. Though shockproofing may be enough for the everyday user, what about the adventurers among us? What about if you want to take your iPhone 7 Plus along while you live your life to the max, out in the open, doing what you love? Well, we’ve got you covered, too, as many of our iPhone 7 Plus cases come with a whole load of other protections. As well as being shockproof, some of our iPhone 7 Plus cases are also waterproof, snowproof and mudproof. So whether you’re headed to the pool, the ski slopes or the sports field, your iPhone 7 Plus will stay safe and protected.

For a lot of people, waterproofing is one of the most important protective features when it comes to iPhone 7 Plus cases. A lot of people mistakenly believe that iPhone 7 Plus models are waterproof. This could end up being a very costly mistake if you believe this, because they’re not. They’re water resistant up to a point, but that is not the same as waterproofing. If you drop your 7 Plus in the sink or toilet, you might just get it out without damage, if you’re lucky. But if you plan to take underwater pictures or videos, or you’re headed out to the sea or the lake, iPhone 7 Plus cases are a total necessity. Our cases are not just water resistant, which offers inferior protection against water ingress - they’re fully waterproof. When you’re looking at waterproof iPhone 7 Plus cases, make sure to check on the product description how deep they can go while still protecting your phone. Every case has different capabilities, and it’s crucial that you know in advance how much protection you can expect. Most cases will protect your phone between 3ft and 7ft of depth. If you’re looking for a phone you can deep sea dive with, none of our iPhone 7 Plus cases will be suitable. Instead you’ll have to look for a waterproof bag case. But if you’re looking for iPhone 7 cases to protect against accidental spills, or to keep your phone safe while you swim or snorkel, we have something for you. iPhoneographers who want to try their hand at underwater shots are in luck, too.

Iceproofing and snowproofing comes with all of our iPhone 7 Plus cases that have waterproofing capability. If you live in a snowy area or love your snowsports, this is a complete necessity. If you drop your phone in the snow without a case, the heat of your phone will melt the snow and it will seep into all the gaps in your phone as cold water. This could be the end of your iPhone 7 Plus.

We encourage you to browse through all our iPhone 7 Plus cases. We’ve listed all the features and protections they offer, so it will be easy for you to see which of our iPhone 7 Plus cases is the right one for you.