Iphone 7


Looking for iPhone 7 cases to keep your device safe and protected? You’re in the right place. We stock a wide range of iPhone 7 cases, and our number 1 priority is the protection of your iPhone. The iPhone 7 is one of the best pieces of technology out there to date. Apple have really pulled out the stops, making a phone that can do just about everything. Think about it, twenty or even ten years ago, the technology that Apple has managed to pack into this small device would be unthinkable. Now we are fortunate enough to be living in the age of advanced, accessible tech. Having said that, we know that getting an iPhone 7 is not cheap. We wouldn’t expect it to be, considering how much functionality you’re getting. But doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment? iPhone 7 cases do just that. They’re not expensive themselves, ranging from around $20 to $80. Even though they’re so inexpensive, they could be the difference between life and death for your iPhone 7. We think it makes sense to think about what protective features you will need, then look around for the iPhone 7 cases that can keep your phone protected in those ways.

So, what kind of protection are you looking for?

Drop proof – Every single one of our iPhone 7 cases comes with drop and shockproofing. Features like raised bevels, screen guards, tempered glass screen protectors, protective bumpers, metal frames and absorbent layers keep your phone safe from drops. We know that it only takes a split second for your phone to slip to the floor and break, so our iPhone 7 cases always come with a great level of drop protection. Here’s how it works: When your iPhone 7 drops, falling to the ground, it picks up speed. And when it hits the ground, that speed makes the impact more forceful. This doesn’t matter so much if your iPhone 7 is landing on a carpet, but on tile or concrete? It could be a death sentence, or at the very least make your screen crack. But with iPhone 7 cases, the protective bumper takes the impact so your iPhone 7 stays protected. Then the shock is dispersed throughout the various layers of the case. TPU is especially good at absorbing shocks and keeping them away from your iPhone 7. Keep in mind that most phone failures are actually caused by cracked screens. Features such as screen guards and raised bevels make sure that your display is protected, even if your phone lands flat on its face.

Waterproof – Some of our iPhone 7 cases are also equipped to block out water. Though the iPhone 7 is waterproof to some extent, water damage is not covered by Apple warranty, so it makes sense to give yourself an extra level of protection. There will be a different level of waterproofing - what depth it can protect your iPhone 7 to and for how long - so make sure to read each product description carefully to work out how deep you can take your phone with each case. If you order one of our waterproof iPhone 7 cases, you absolutely must carry out a water test first. This ensures that 1. you are sealing the waterproof case correctly, and that 2. there are no faults in the case that could compromise its waterproofing ability. To carry out a waterproof test, put a piece of tissue paper inside the phone case instead of your phone, and submerge the case for 10 minutes. Take the case out and dry it, then open it up. If the tissue paper is damp, you have a problem and should test again. If it is dry, you’re good to go. Remember, the majority of our iPhone 7 cases come with a lifetime replacement warranty. This means that if the case fails because of a problem with materials or craftsmanship, you’ll be sent another free of charge.

Snow proof and ice proof – The same technology that makes some of our iPhone 7 cases resistant to water also keeps snow and ice blocked out. Otherwise, dropping your iPhone 7 in the snow could be a major disaster. Of course we all know that when we use any kind of technology it gets hot. The problem with this is that when you drop it in the snow, the snow starts to melt into water. Then it can flood your ports and jacks, and that kind of water ingress causes major damage. But with one of our waterproof iPhone 7 cases, all snow - melted or otherwise - is kept out. So waterproofing is a perfect choice if you’re planning to take a skiing trip, or if you live in an area with long, snowy seasons. Bring on the winter!

Dirt, dust and mud proof – Some of our iPhone 7 cases are totally equipped to block out all the dirt you can throw at it. Perfect for adventurous, sporty types who love to go offroad on the search for excitement. And, perhaps less glamorously, it keeps your iPhone safe from the lint found in your pocket. Though that seems quite trivial, lint can actually be a big problem. The tiny little particles may go inside your iPhone and cause problems. But with a dirtproof case, this will no longer be a problem.

Now you’ve read about various protective features iPhone 7 cases can offer, you can browse through our iPhone 7 cases to find the one that gives you the level of protection you need. We stock iPhone 7 cases in a wide range of colors and prices, so we’re sure you’ll find one that matches your style and budget.