iPhone 6 cases

If you’re looking for iPhone 6 cases to keep your iPhone 6 safe and protected, you’re in the right place. We stock a wide variety of iPhone 6 cases offering different styles and levels of protection, for every budget. You’re sure to find one that matches your look and your price range, and gives you all the protection you need. First, we’ll talk you through the different levels of protection that are on offer. Every single person is unique. Every single person has a different lifestyle, and different dreams, goals and hobbies. This means that each one of us will need our phones to do something different. If you’re in the corporate world, and your dream is to make partner, you’re going to want something totally different to the person who loves to hike through jungle in their spare time, or the underwater photographer. Everyone’s different, and we want to celebrate that. With our huge range of iPhone 6 cases offering different features, you’ll find the one that best suits who you are and what you want to do.

Our iPhone 6 cases can protect your phone in the following ways:

Drop proof and shock proof – All of our iPhone 6 cases offer a level of protection against drops. Some offer higher levels of protection than others. How much protection do you need? Well, it depends. Are you likely to drop your phone from a height of around 6ft, onto a hard floor? If so, you’ll need military grade ruggedness. The cases best at resisting drops come with aluminum bumpers or metal frames. A thick aluminum alloy bumper is maybe the best way to keep your phone drop proof, though bumpers of other materials are also great. The key is that the bumper is thick, wrapping around the corners and edges of your phone to keep them safe. A metal frame could be on the inside of a TPU or polycarbonate case, and that’s also another top feature to look out for if you want extreme drop protection.

Other great protective features on our iPhone 6 cases include absorbent TPU layers, screen guards, raised bevels and air cushions. TPU is a very absorbent material when it comes to shocks. When you drop your phone, impact is created when it hits the ground. This impact is absorbed by the frame or bumper, which we just discussed. But where does it go next? In the most protective cases, it passes through to a TPU layer, where it is absorbed, and can’t be passed along to your phone. Raised bevels and screen protectors are also extremely important, not only for your display, but for the survival of your whole device. Did you know that most total phone failures stem from a cracked screen? But raised bevels prevent that from happening by creating a buffer between the screen and the floor in a drop, while a screen protector creates a shield. You might also consider air cushions, though these are a rarer feature. Most often included in the corners, but sometimes elsewhere, air cushions add an extra layer of resistance between the impact and your phone.Browse through our iPhone 6 cases to find which kind of protective features suit you best.

Waterproof – Selected iPhone 6 cases have powerful waterproofing capabilities. Using advanced sealing protection, you’ll be able to submerge your iPhone 6 underwater without worrying. All your ports and jacks will have removable covers. This means that when you’re ready to go underwater, you can cover them up, and when you’re back on the land, you can open them, so that you can charge your phone or use your headphones, for example. When you’re going underwater, make sure all the covers are sealed very tightly. Otherwise you could cause real damage to your phone. But waterproof iPhone 6 cases have really changed the game, especially when it comes to iPhoneography. iPhoneographers everywhere are getting into creating stunning underwater shots, and we think that’s awesome.

Snow proof and ice proof – If you live in a harsh climate or just love hitting the slopes, you’ll be glad to know that some of our iPhone 6 cases are totally winter-ready with protection against ice and snow. These are actually our waterproof cases. Because of their construction, which allows them to block out water, they can also block out snow and ice. Snow and ice will melt on contact with your iPhone 6, because of its relative heat. In normal phone cases, or without a case, that water would begin to make its way into your ports and jacks. This could be a disaster for your iPhone. But with one of our waterproof iPhone 6 cases, ice and snow will be no match for your iPhone 6.

Dirt proof, dust proof, sand proof, mud proof – With one of our adventure ready iPhone 6 cases you’ll be able to take your iPhone 6 anywhere. If you’re looking for protection against mud and sand, you’ll probably need a waterproof case again. But some of our other non-waterproof iPhone 6 cases can keep your iPhone 6 safe from dust, dirt and the lint from your pocket. But if you’re hiking through the desert or going dirt biking, we’d recommend one of out waterproof iPhone 6 cases, just to be on the safe side.

Now you know all about the different levels of protection we offer with our iPhone 6 cases. You’ve probably worked out what kind of protective features you’ll be looking for, and be excited to get searching. We just wanted to let you know that we have a full range of iPhone 6 cases in all different styles and colors. Prices start from under $20, so you can find which of our iPhone 6 cases best matches your budget, style and protective needs So what are you waiting for? Get browsing our range to find which of our iPhone 6 cases best suits you.