HTC cases

Whichever awesome model of HTC phone you opted for when you bought your phone, we stock HTC cases to fit them all. We at Punkcase think HTC cases are an absolute essential to every HTC owner, because your phone deserves to be protected, especially from drops and shocks. Do you agree?

Because of our desire to see every phone protected, we stock cases for HTC 10, HTC One M9, and HTC One M8. We know it can be difficult to find HTC cases out there. Especially in comparison to how many iPhone and Samsung protective cases are on the market - there seem to be hundreds of thousands, while HTC cases barely get a look in.

HTC owners are quite a rare breed, and we commend you for going against the grain and buying the phone that feels right for you. We think your phone deserves to be protected from drops and damage just as much as anyone else’s, and we’ve designed HTC cases for that very purpose.

Check out the protective features included on some of our HTC cases:

  • Raised bevel – You may not have heard of this before, but it’s a great thing to know about when you’re looking for protective cases. A raised bevel is a raised edge of the phone case that is higher than the phone screen. Often a phone screen is the highest point on the front of the case, but this can be catastrophic for your screen in case of a drop. If your phone falls flat on the ground, screen side down, there’s almost no chance your screen will pull out unscathed. More likely, it will be shattered to pieces, and you’ll end up having to replace your screen. Or worse, your whole phone.
  • Screen guard – Of course, this gives your screen an additional layer of protection, above and beyond the raised bevel. These two features work together to protect your delicate display and keep your HTC in great condition.
  • TPU bumper or inner layer construction – TPU is a special type of material, one of the most popular when it comes to phone cases for all makes of phone. Why’s that? Because of its unusual ability to absorb shock. Your phone is a hard surface, and the floor is a hard surface, too. When they come into contact, they both strike each other. And when two hard surfaces strike each other, damage inevitably happens because of the shock of the impact. But TPU is different. It’s soft and absorbent, and allows the shock from the floor to enter into it. It then disperses that shock, rather than passing it through to your phone and damaging it. Sometimes the outside bumper of a phone case is made from TPU. Other times, it is inside layers made from this material. Either way, it’s one of the best materials out there when it comes to protecting your LG from drops, which is why we’ve included it in some of our HTC cases.
  • Multiple layers of protection – The more layers there are around your HTC, the more it’s protected. In a phone case, you might find layers of metal, polycarbonate, TPU or other materials. These work together to block the impact drops have on your phone.
  • Hard outer shell – Often made from polycarbonate, this gives your phone added strength to resist drops. It’s particularly effective when paired with inner shells, especially absorbent TPU ones like previously mentioned.
  • Non-slip grip – A rubberized non-slip grip makes it less likely you’ll drop your phone in the first place. That’s always a good thing, right?

>By reading this list you can see that all of our HTC cases are super protective. You’ll be able to keep your phone safe and sound in one of our HTC cases, no matter your lifestyle or the situation. Take a look through our HTC cases, and note the different protective features they have. Do you drop your phone often? You might want to look for a phone case with a metallic element, or one with a rubberized grip, so you’ll find it easier to grip on. Phones are made so sleek and smooth that it’s way too easy for them to drop out of our hands!

Another thing to consider when you’re looking for HTC cases is the color and style of the phone case design. Remember, you’ll probably be using your protective phone case everyday. The HTC cases we have are mostly for everyday use. So it makes sense to pick a case you really like the look of. The HTC cases we carry are quite different to each other in looks and design. This is great because it means there’s something for everyone. We recommend you look through each option and think about whether that’s something you would like to see everyday. Is it appropriate for every situation? At home? At work? Remember, you could also order more than one case and switch out for different situations. You might choose the same model in two different colors, or a different model altogether. The choice is totally yours. We’ve striven to keep the prices of our HTC cases reasonable, so that you can switch out and change it up as you please. We know that you use your phone every day, and it might be an important part of your life. That’s why it’s so necessary that our cases be functional, stylish, protective and reasonably priced.

Ready to protect your HTC from drops and shocks? Browse through our HTC cases now and find your favorite case.